Henderson Law Offices Graduates its 10th Financial Peace University Class! New Class slated for February!

We just finished our tenth sponsored Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class (FPU).  This last class of graduates accomplished a lot.   Take a look: 12 Families – 25 individuals – 14 Graduates 5 Families Reporting: $20,866  in non-mortgage debt paid off. $7,900 saved 9 Credit Cards Cut Up Average turn around per family reporting in 9 weeks — 5,753 Median turn around per family in 9 weeks — 3,000 What an amazing change in nine weeks.  We just love seeing the credit cards cut up. In this class a lot of the people came to the class having already cut up their cards.  Still there were several Kohls cards that we had to cut up!  (Kohls cards are the hardest for people to cut up it seems).   I get a kick out of asking if there is a Kohls card out there after someone cuts up their cards.  Often it is still intact! We are excited about our next class FPU class.  It will be starting the second week of February 2014.  It will be coordinated with classes in North Logan sponsored by Zions Bank and a class in Providence sponsored by Mike McGrath.   Zions is doing a big publicity push for the new classes starting in February.   There are a couple of other classes sponsored by various community groups as well starting in February, so you should have a great choice of days of the week you can attend.  Be sure to check it out. We also have  a Legacy class starting in January.  Legacy is the follow up class to Financial Peace University.  We may make it an invitation only class if we get only  a few people signing up.  We will be sending invites out to our alumni from FPU. You can sign up for FPU here.  You can sign up for Legacy here.