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Henderson Law Offices Graduates its 10th Financial Peace University Class! New Class slated for February!

We just finished our tenth sponsored Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Class (FPU).  This last class of graduates accomplished a lot.   Take a look: 12 Families – 25 individuals – 14 Graduates 5 Families Reporting: $20,866  in non-mortgage debt paid off. $7,900 saved 9 Credit Cards Cut Up Average turn around per family reporting in 9 weeks — 5,753 Median turn around per family in 9 weeks — 3,000 What an amazing change in nine weeks.  We just love seeing the credit cards cut up. In this class a lot of the people came to the class having already cut…

Bankruptcy and the Holidays in Logan Utah: Reasons to File BEFORE the End of 2014

There may be very tangible benefits to seeing a Logan Utah attorney about bankruptcy now instead of waiting until after December 31.   If you have serious debt problem, you are probably doing your best during the holiday season to work around it. Understandably you don’t want to think too much about it. Life’s even more hectic than usual this time of year. It’s hard to find the time to get the holiday stuff done as it is, much less find the time and attention to focus on what you should do about your debts. Or to find the time and…

Practical Bankruptcy in Utah: Walking Through a Simple Chapter 7 Case–Part 2

More on getting comfortable with the “straight bankruptcy” process with this story about how it works.   In the last blog post we walked halfway through the Chapter 7 case of a fellow named Henry. We go through the rest of his case here today. Henry’s Facts He owes: 
  • $30,000 in medical bills from a car accident, the portion not covered by insurance
  • $45,000 in credit cards, payday loans, and various other debts, mostly incurred while unemployed recuperating from the accident
  • $1,000 in several bounced checks
  • $2,000 in income taxes to the IRS for 2012 when he didn’t have enough

Practical Bankruptcy in Utah : Walking Through a Simple Chapter 7 Case–Part 1

You may be much more comfortable with the “straight bankruptcy” process once you read this story about how it goes.   Chapter 7 is called “straight bankruptcy” for a good reason: when done right, it’s straightforward. It does involve many steps. And even the simplest ones have all kinds of traps for those unfamiliar with the law. But when done with a competent attorney they almost always go smoothly and you get the results you want: immediate relief from your creditors and a quick discharge (legal write-off) of your debts. The following example will help you understand what is involved…

Final Thanks for Bankruptcy

There’s so much to be thankful for in bankruptcy. Here are five final huge benefits.   In the last two blog posts we covered the following ten benefits of bankruptcy to be thankful for:   #1: The Automatic Stay: immediately stopping virtually all collections procedures against you. #2: The Discharge of Debts: permanently writing off all or most of your debts. #3: Property Exemptions: protecting all or most of your possessions from your creditors. #4: Limited Non-Dischargeability: the exceptions for the discharge of debts are reasonable. #5: Vehicle Loan Reaffirmation:  voluntarily excluding this debt from discharge usually enables you to keep…